ScPrime Consensus Database as of block height 89323, with timestamp of 1594529874 - Sun Jul 12 06:57:54 CEST 2020
SHA256 hash of = 4d9ec1c56ba975b066fd78d4b78bb0b2a649c2c434d8a1e60809b16099a013e2
SHA256 hash of extracted consensus.db = f227a7fd17f5f33b0d2a5b23e7f37e8b22c630714cc94e3e93cd6b16c0e16a37
SHA256 hash of = 8d89d05834950bbed3c2d1854102b7d4534139ab01170959db4f067113e94e27
SHA256 hash of extracted host.db = 0e523aa98d1b473ce288c9e151b7f3f7182d31865d876e4f5d22dc63be0b721c

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